About This Site


Who created this site?
Kevin McAsh, a teacher for the York Region District School Board. 
This site is a personal endeavour and not affiliated with the Board.
To contact me, please refer to the Contact  page.

When was this site created?
Link to Learning 9-12 was launched on October 27, 2006.
Check the home page to see when it was last updated.

What is the purpose of this site?
My goal is to provide a list of web sites that directly support the Ontario curriculum for students in grades 9 to 12.
My focus is on quality and not quantity.

Why would you use this site?
Of course you can "Google" any topic you're studying in school but the long list of sites that you'll get will contain some great resources but many that are not.
I've tried to save you time by finding those web sites that have accurate and relevant information and listing them here.