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Create a Graph - select the type of graph, enter your data, label the axes, click a button and you have a graph!
Science Videos - videos from CNN about many science topics, compiled by Harcourt Publishers
The Why Files  - the science behind the news
How Stuff Works  The title says it all!
MegaConverter - unit conversions and calculations

Biology: Reproduction

Virtual Microscope - learn to use / practice using the compound light microscope - a very realistic simulation!
CELLS alive! - great graphics and animations
Biology Topics - from BBC Schools' Revision web site
Cellular Biology - a ThinkQuest web site
Cell Biology section of The Biology Project
Biology Tutorials from Biology-Online.org
Virtual Cell - virtual dissection of a plant cell supplemented with excellent electron microscopy
The Virtual Cell Web Page  Virtual Cell Tour    Virtual Text Book
Cell Structure - from Biology4Kids
Cell Organelle Quiz - based on the Grade 9 Science curriculum
Cell Organelles - a "drag and drop game" matching each structure with its function
An On-line Biology Book
Mitosis Figures and Slides
Cell Division; Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction
Human Anatomy On-line - includes male and female reproductive systems
Sexual Reproduction in Humans
The Reproductive System
Human Genome Project Information
Grade 9 Science Quizzes and Games - all related to the Ontario curriculum

Chemistry: Atoms and Elements/Exploring Matter

Elements section of Chem4Kids
Matter! - This interactive module will introduce you to many of the basic properties of matter including atoms, ions, elements, molecules, and density
Chemistry Topics - from BBC Schools' Revision web site
Periodic Table of the Elements - interactive and downloadable in .pdf format or MS Word.
Visual Elements Periodic Table - HTML or Flash versions
It's Elemental - another interactive periodic table with good information about the elements
Element Concentration, Element Crossword Puzzles, Element Flash Cards, Element Hangman, Element Matching Game, Element Math Game, Element Word Scramble Interactive games to reinforce your knowledge about the elements.
Atomic Structure Timeline
Drag and Drop Periodic Table - Drag the symbols for the first 18 elements to their proper places on the blank Periodic Table.
Build a Bohr Diagram - drag and drop electrons to their correct energy levels to create the elements C, F, Ne and Mg
Chemical Reactions Quiz - identify the reactants and products of simple chemical reactions
Basic Chemistry Quiz - based on the Grade 9 Science curriculum
Molecule Magic - a "drag and drop game" to match common chemical names to their formulas
Grade 9 Science Quizzes and Games - all related to the Ontario curriculum

Earth and Space Science: The Study of the Universe/Space Exploration

Imagine the Universe! - from NASA
NASA for Students Gr 9-12
NASA's Origin Program
Virtual Solar System - from National Geographic
Windows to the Universe "images, movies, animations, and data sets, that explore the Earth and Space sciences and the historical and cultural ties between science, exploration, and the human experience."
Solar System Simulator
Canadian Space Agency

Physics: The Characteristics of Electricity/Electrical Applications

Lightning - "The whys and wherefores of nature's fireworks."
How Van de Graff Generators Work
Electricity and Magnetism!
What Is Static Electricity?
Electricity - from the BBC
Electricity - another site from the BBC
Electricity - from the EasyPhysics.net web site
Ohm's Law - interactive Java applet showing a simple circuit containing one resistor
Electrical Circuit Simulator
The Energy Planet - a ThinkQuest web site
The Energy Story
Electrical Safety
Grade 9 Science Quizzes and Games - all related to the Ontario curriculum

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