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Geomatics for Highschool Curriculum - This Web Site had been developed as a cooperative project with support and input from the federal government, private industry and high school teachers. The objective of the project was to develop a series of lessons suited for the new grade 9 curriculum in Ontario that could be distributed over the Internet. The lessons are designed to provide the resources and data necessary to explore ten grade 9 geography topics using Canada's ecozones as a common base. 

Google Earth Lessons - includes "how-to's", student activities, lesson starters and more!

Geographic Foundations: Space and Systems

Population and Resources - from BBC Schools
Urban and Rural Environments - includes information about settlement types and patterns - from BBC Schools
Ecozones of Canada - from Environment Canada
Ecozones of Canada - another site from Environment Canada
Environment Canada Interactive Web Mapping
The Canadian Biodiversity Web Site - includes a section on Canada's Ecozones
Population data from Statistics Canada
Population Densities - Provinces and Territories - with links to more graphs and tables on population by age group, mother tongue and religion - from the Teaching & Learning About Canada web site
Migration Challenge - quiz about migration to and within Canada

Human-Environment Interactions

Statistics on Natural Resources - from Natural Resources Canada
Managing Ecosystems - from BBC Schools
Economic Activity - from BBC Schools
The Challenge of Development - from BBC Schools
Sustainable Development - from BBC Schools
Sustainable Development - Natural Resources Canada
Renewable Energy - It's Only Natural! - Natural Resources Canada  
Canadian Renewable Energy Network -  Natural Resources Canada
Ontario Ministry of Education - sections on Conservation, Electricity, Renewable Energy, and Oil & Gas
Learning About Renewable Energy - from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory - U.S. Department of Energy

Global Connections

Canada's Trade Negotiations and Agreements - Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Canada in the World: International Organizations and Forums - Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Global Issues That Affect Everyone - this site is authored by an individual - be aware of the potential for bias
Global Issues - from the non-profit organization Facing the Future
Ecological Footprint Quiz - estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. After answering 15 easy questions you'll be able to compare your Ecological Footprint to what other people use and to what is available on this planet.
Global Footprint Network - personal, national and world ecological footprints
10 Stories the World Should Hear More About - from the United Nations


Understanding and Managing Change

ibuydifferent.org is part of Be, Live, Buy Different—Make a Difference, a national campaign from World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Center for a New American Dream (New Dream). The goal is to help young people learn how they can make a difference by buying differently.
Population and Resources - from BBC Schools
Animated map of Canada showing interprovincial migration over time (1972-2001)
Animated map of Canada showing 100 years of change in population settlement
Careers Database - this Association of American Geographers' tool provides information about a broad range of careers requiring a background in geography, mapping, geographic information systems, and remote sensing.
Geographic Career Fields - from the Association of American Geographers

Methods of Geographic Inquiry

Geographical Skills - (from BBC Schools)
National Atlas of Canada - includes Make a Map feature, Quick Maps, Canadian Communities Atlas, Facts About Canada
Canadian Atlas Online -
from Canadian Geographic

Satellite Images of Canada - from the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Canadian Landscapes - collection of photos of Canadian landscapes and landforms
ArcExplorer Web - a custom mapping application that lets you view one or multiple map services in your Web browser.
National Geographic's Map Machine - Generate physical and human geography thematic maps.
Canadian Geographic MapMaker – interactive mapping tool
GIS.com - the Guide to Geographic Information Systems
How Are Landforms Represented on Flat Maps?

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