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Create a Graph - select the type of graph, enter your data, label the axes, click a button and you have a graph!
Science Videos - videos from CNN about many science topics, compiled by Harcourt Publishers
The Why Files  - the science behind the news
How Stuff Works  The title says it all!
MegaConverter - unit conversions and calculations


Grade 12 Biology - worksheets, quizzes, games, animations, and more - an EXCELLENT resource!
The Biology Place - includes a BioCoach, LabBench and Glossary
The Biology Project - by the University of Arizona
Kimball's Biology Pages - topic page provides faster access to the content (by a retired biology professor/text book author)
An On-Line Biology Book
BioInteractive - from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute


Chemistry Resources - Lectures - by a Chemistry teacher in California
ChemTutor - Basic chemistry help is available here for high school or college students
Virtual Lab - a very realistic and powerful simulation of a wet chemistry lab
ChemLab Techniques - instruments and techniques for a chemistry lab (with great illustrations and video clips)
ACD ChemSketch 10.0 Freeware - chemistry drawing software


The Physics Classroom - includes tutorials, a multimedia "studio", and a practice area
Interactive Physics and Math with Java - from the University of Guelph
Java Applets on Physics - mechanics, oscillations and waves, electrodynamics, optics, thermodynamics, nuclear physics
Physics - from BBC Schools
Fear of Physics - "Physics. Explained. Finally." Includes Visual Physics Links to see Physics explained using computer graphics and animations, a Physics Dictionary and a Physics homework help section.

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