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Google Earth Lessons - includes "how-to's", student activities, lesson starters and more!

The Americas

WorldAtlas - maps of South America, North America and Central America - including landforms
Test Your Geography Knowledge - learn the names of the countries of South America
Ecosystems of Our World - a ThinkQuest project
Biomes of Our World - basic information about biomes (ecosystems)
The World Fact Book - for economic and social data
Community and Ecosystem Dynamics
Earth on Edge - Ecosystems - from the PBS program - includes the following ecosystems; Agro, Forest, Freshwater, Grassland, Coastal, Urban
The Mega-city in Latin America - an on-line book from the United Nations University Press
The Mega-Cities Project - be sure to look at the City Profiles section
Free Trade Area of the Americas - the official web site of the FTAA
A drop of coffee in the North, a drop of sweat in the South? - an article from the Youth Zone of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) web site
CIDA - Canadian International Development Agency

Physical Geography

Geography Topics - from BBC Schools
Earth - from Windows to the Universe - topics include, Interior and Surface, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Geosphere
Earth Science for Schools - from Moorland School in the UK
This Dynamic Earth - the story of plate tectonics - from the US Geological Survey
Plate Tectonics  - explanations of the processes of plate tectonics including faults - includes a quiz and word search
Rock and the Rock Cycle - from Windows to the Universe
The Carbon Cycle
World Climates
Constructive and Destructive Forces - Erosion
Sustainable Development - Natural Resources Canada
Natural Hazards - from The Atlas of Canada
Geology Ontario
Living Things In Their Environment - from BBC Schools
Environmental Biology: Ecosystems
Earth on Edge - Ecosystems - from the PBS program - includes the following ecosystems; Agro, Forest, Freshwater, Grassland, Coastal, Urban
Community and Ecosystem Dynamics
Ecosystems of Our World - a ThinkQuest project
Managing Ecosystems - from BBC Schools
Journey to Planet Earth - from PBS - "A voyage of discovery about the planet we inhabit."


GIS.com - "Your Internet Guide to GIS"
GPS World
Geography Network
ESRI Canada Schools and Libraries Program -
includes teaching materials and metadata
Exploring the use of space technology in earthquake studies - a Southern California Integrated GPS Network Education Module
Business Geographics - from Altavision Geographics
Map Projections - from the US Geological Survey
RADARSAT-2 - Canada's next-generation commercial SAR satellite, the follow-on to RADARSAT-1, launched in 1995. The new satellite will be launched in March 2007 on a Soyuz vehicle from Russia's Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Travel and Tourism

Ontario Ministry of Tourism
Tourism Industry Association of Canada
CanadaTourism.com - Canadian Tourism Commission
World Tourism Organization
World Heritage Sites -
Ecotourism Resource Centre 
"A comprehensive guide to ecotourism practice, ecologically sustainable development
(ESD) and general tourism and travel best practice management sites world-wide."
Canadian Tourism College
Tourism - from BBC Schools - a lot of British content

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