11 Economics

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AmosWEB - "The starting point for all things economic." The Glossary (GLOSSarama) may be particularly useful.
Investopedia.com - their "University" section that has information on many topics including economics and investing
The Short Run Economic Classroom - includes graphs, tutorials, a glossary, and a section on Economic Schools of Thought
CyberEconomics - by a college Professor of Economics in the US
History of Economic Thought
Youthink! - the World Bank's site for Youth
The Canadian Economy Online - from the Government of Canada - a very rich resource
Trade and Economic Policy - from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Department of Finance Canada

Canada Revenue Agency
Statistics Canada - listing of Statistics by subject
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
The Bank of Canada
The Currency Museum - by the Bank of Canada - be sure to visit the "Learn and Play" section of the Learning Centre
Handbook on Canadian :Labour Market Information - from the Government of New Brunswick - includes sections about; Understanding the Labour Market: Terms and Definitions, Socio-Economic Indicators, and Forecasts
The Canadian Competition Act - from Department of  Justice Canada
Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations - from Department of  Justice Canada
Ecosystem Evaluation - describes how economists value the beneficial ways that ecosystems affect people
International Development Research Centre  - Canadian Crown corporation that works in close collaboration with researchers from the developing world in their search for the means to build healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous societies
Bank of Montreal Economic Research and Analysis
The Psychology of Consumers; Consumer Behavior and Marketing
Canadian Labour History -from the Canadian Museum of Civilization

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