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Create a Graph - select the type of graph, enter your data, label the axes, click a button and you have a graph!
Science Videos - videos from CNN about many science topics, compiled by Harcourt Publishers
The Why Files  - the science behind the news
How Stuff Works  The title says it all!
MegaConverter - unit conversions and calculations

Biology: Ecosystems

Living Things In Their Environment - from BBC Schools
Environmental Biology: Ecosystems
Build-A-Prairie -  Can you turn a barren plain into a healthy prairie? -  developed by Bell LIVE! and Educational Web Adventures
Earth on Edge - Ecosystems - from the PBS program - includes the following ecosystems; Agro, Forest, Freshwater, Grassland, Coastal, Urban
The Carbon Cycle
Community and Ecosystem Dynamics
Ecosystems of Our World - a ThinkQuest project
Managing Ecosystems - from BBC Schools
Journey to Planet Earth - from PBS - "A voyage of discovery about the planet we inhabit."

Chemistry: Chemical Process

Introduction to Chemical Compounds
It's Elemental - Balancing Act - The computer will give you a number of incomplete chemical equations. Balance the chemical equations by selecting coefficients from the pull-down menus.
Introduction to Chemical Reactions
The Structure Behind Chemical Behaviour
Mr. Gulch Explains - the sections on Acids & Bases, Ionic Compounds, and Covalent Compounds are most relevant
The pH Factor - Everything you wanted to know about pH!
Ionic Compound Construction Kit - Build an ionic compound formula, using elemental or polyatomic ions. You'll use an ion balance to find an electrically neutral combination of ions. The formula for the compound is written step by step from the formulas for the ions.
Chemical Equation Construction Kit Build balanced chemical equations from word descriptions of chemical reactions. The formulas, reactions, and word descriptions are randomly generated- hundreds of reactions are possible.
Rates of Chemical Reactions
Chemistry Revision Notes - extensive review notes (British curriculum but the content is very similar)
Chemical Reactions - from BBC Schools
Virtual Lab - a very realistic and powerful simulation of a wet chemistry lab

Earth and Space Science: Weather Dynamics

The Earth's Atmosphere - from Windows to the Universe (University of Michigan)
Earth's Weather - from Windows to the Universe (University of Michigan)
Basic Weather Discussion - from the National Weather Service in Kentucky, USA - includes explanations of pressure systems and fronts
Online Meteorology Guide is a "collection of web-based instructional modules. They incorporate text, colorful diagrams, animations, computer simulations, audio and video to introduce fundamental concepts in the atmospheric sciences."
BBC Weather Centre - WeatherWise
Windward! - Outsmart the weather in a race around the world! Are you up for the challenge?

Physics: Motion

1-D Kinematics - 6 lessons - The motion of objects in one-dimension is described using words, diagrams, numbers, graphs, and equations.
1-D Kinematics "multimedia" - animations to accompany the lessons from the above web site
Vectors - Motion and Forces in Two Dimensions - Vector principles and operations are introduced and combined with kinematic principles and Newton's laws to describe, explain and analyze the motion of objects in two dimensions.
Motion with Constant Acceleration - a Java applet - you can vary the values of initial position, initial velocity and acceleration Three diagrams illustrate the motion of the vehicle: Position x versus time t, Velocity v versus time t, and Acceleration a versus time t
Resultant of Forces (Addition of Vectors) - a Java applet
Forces and Motion - from  BBC Schools
Fear of Physics - "Physics. Explained. Finally." Includes Visual Physics Links to see Physics explained using computer graphics and animations, a Physics Dictionary and a Physics homework help section.

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