Pioneer Life in Upper Canada

The General Store

- explain how pioneers used natural resources
- describe the major components of a pioneer village or settlement
- describe the lifestyles of pioneers and the various roles of individuals in a pioneer settlement

  A Link to Learning web-based student learning activity    

This activity uses the web site  Pioneer Life in Upper Canada
From the main page, click on  Village Life and then General Store.

1. The general store was a ______________________________ and _______________________________ .

2. What was the pioneers' trading system called? ______________________________________

3. List 4 things that the pioneers could make or produce themselves.  These are things they could trade with.
(Only two are shown.  You will have to think of two more.)

_________________    _________________    _________________    _________________

4. List 4 things that the pioneers would have to trade for.  These are supplies that had to be imported.

_________________    _________________    _________________    _________________

5. Now try the quiz and record your score here.  _______________________