Grade 5 Social Studies

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The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship

First Nations and Europeans in New France and Early Canada

First Nations

Four Directions Teachings - a visually stunning audio narrated resource for learning about Indigenous knowledge and philosophy from five diverse First Nations in Canada. (in English, French and subtitles for the hearing impaired!)

Kids' Stop at Indian and Northern Affairs Canada - This is a great resource written specifically for junior-aged students and includes sections on Places, Languages, History and People.  The Teacher section has excellent printable resources.  (version française)

Canada's Native Peoples - an  interactive map from the Canadian Encyclopedia

First Nations Seeker - links to web sites of First Nation/Native American and Inuit communities

The First Nations of the New France Era - from the Canadian Museum of Civilization  (version française)

Homes of the Past - The Archaeology of an Iroquoian Longhouse - from the Royal Ontario Museum

Canada's Native Peoples - Vol. II of the Canada Heirloom Series  - The reading level may be a challenge for grade 6, but the information is detailed and accompanied by excellent pictures.
Ch. 1- Micmac Aboriginal Life; Ch. 2 - The Indians of the St. Lawrence Lowlands; Ch. 3 - The Woodland Indians; Ch. 4 - The Plains Indian Nations of Western Canada; Ch. 5 - Indians of the N.W.T., the Yukon, and the B.C. Interior; Ch. 6 - The Inuit of Canada; Ch. 7 - The Metis; Ch. 8 - The Monumental Cultures of the Northwest Coast Peoples

The First Peoples Hall of the Canadian Museum of Civilization  (version française)

Our World - Our Way of Life - an exploration of the cultures of the Inuit and Haida - a 'Virtual Museum' of Canada  (English and French)

Luxton Museum of the Plains Indian - "The Buffalo Nations Cultural Society invites you to explore the extraordinary history of the Indians of the Northern Plains and Canadian Rockies."

Stones Unturned: Here you will find overviews of the native groups of Canada as well as selected images of Native clothing, musical instruments, and games and toys from the collections of the Canadian Museum of Civilization.  English and French

Native Watercraft in Canada Watercraft have long played a vital role in the cultures of most First Peoples in Canada.   (version française)

Games of the Plains Cree - from the SchoolNet Digital Collections.

Living Traditions - Museums Honour the North American Indigenous Games - one of the 'Virtual Museums' of Canada   (version française)

Native American Shelters - based on American  first nations, but easily related to Canada

Bone Snow Knives and Tin Oil Lamps: Enduring Traditions Among Canada's First Peoples Objects from the First Nations of what is now Canada are highlighted in the exhibit.   English and French

Douglas Reynolds Gallery This gallery specializes in museum-quality Northwest Coast Native Art.

Native American Authors This website provides information on Native North American authors with bibliographies of their published works, biographical information, and links to online resources including interviews, online texts and tribal websites. 

Indian Residential Schools - a background paper produced by the United Church of Canada

Residential Schools - from an edition of Windspeaker,  "Canada's National Aboriginal News"

Early Explorers

Vikings - from BBC Schools

The Vikings - from NOVA Online. Sections include; Explore a Viking Village, Who Were the Vikings?, Secrets of Norse Ships, Write Your Name in Runes, and Build a Tree-Ring Timeline

Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga - from the American National Museum of Natural History

Who Wants to Be Viking?  - Using the Who Wants to Be Millionaire format to answers questions about the Vikings, "sail" your ship from Greenland to Vinland  (from CBC)

Where is Vinland?  - a "cold case" mystery to solve using the "Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History" web site. (version française)

Canadian Explorers - summaries of early explorers of Canada, including maps of their explorations - an Enchanted Learning web page

Dictionary of Canadian Biography On-line - "meet people who played an important role in the formation of what is now Canada."  (English and French)

Passageways - True Tales of Adventures for Young Explorers - includes explorers of Canada from pre-history to the 20th century  - from the National Library of Canada   (version française)

Passages: A Treasure Trove of North American Exploration - research explorers by name or date - National Library of Canada  (version française)

Inuit and Englishmen - the Nunavut voyages of Martin Frobisher - from the Canadian Museum of Civilization   (version française)

Conquistadors On-line Learning Adventure  PBS created this innovative educational resource for middle and high school classrooms to learn about the Spanish Conquistadors in the New World – and the legacy of their contact with Native Americans.

The Mariners' Museum Age of Exploration  The materials address maritime discovery from ancient times to Captain Cook's 1768 voyage to the South Pacific. "The curriculum weaves together visual images, video, and text, as well as materials that can be downloaded or printed for transparencies, presentations, or reports. It includes lesson plans, vocabulary, links to related web sites, and guides to other reference materials."

European Voyages of Exploration - produced by the History Department of the University of Calgary.  The reading level and details may be challenging for Gr. 6, but the content is excellent.

Who Goes There: European Exploration of the New World - a ThinkQuest student project

Fact Files from the National Maritime Museum (England) - includes John and Sebastian Cabot, Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook, Francis Drake, Early explorers, The first to sail around the world, Sir John Franklin, Health in the 17th Century, Henry VIII and his navy, Life at sea in the age of sail, and more.

The Explorers:  From the Virtual Museum of New France  - information about; Jacques Cartier, Étienne Brûlé, Samuel de Champlain, Jean Nicollet, Jean de Quen, Jacques Marquette, Louis Jolliet, Cavelier de La Salle, Charles Albanel, La Vérendrye, Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville   (version française)

Beyond the Map Focusing on the Pacific Northwest, this web site looks at what the ideas of “exploration” and “discovery” really meant in the past, along with what those ideas mean to us today.  (version française)

Biography of Henry Hudson  This is a collection of data about, and a chronology of the life and voyages of English explorer, mariner and adventurer, Henry Hudson, as well as some additional notes on his times, contemporaries and his crew. It was compiled from numerous sources.

Exploration of the Northwest Passage  Martin Frobisher, John Davis, Henry Hudson, Thomas Button, William Baffin and Robert Bylot, Luke Foxe and Thomas James, Christopher Middleton, Edward Parry, John Ross, John Franklin, Peter Warren Dease and Thomas Simpson, 1850 Expeditions - The Search for Franklin, Charles Francis Hall, Roald Amundsen    (version française)

Frozen Ocean - Search for the Northwest Passage - from the Toronto Public Library.

Heavens! My Ship!  "A game to travel through the XVII century in search of one of the great explorers of New France. With the help of period geographical maps, ancient engravings and excerpts from his stories, relive the epic of this valorous character. Highly interactive and performing, this non trivial game with its splendid computer graphics stores your game to leave you time to learn."  (version française)

Teachers!  Link to a web quest on this topic.

The Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship

   -based student learning activities Aspects of Government in Canada

The Electoral System of Canada
Elections Canada - Student Section
Leaders and Parties - from
Student Vote - Adobe Acrobat file with lessons and activities including; Our Rights and Responsibilities, Voting in a Democracy, Our Three Levels of Government, Political Parties, Campaign Poster, Messages in the Media, Your Electoral District, Your Choice

Government in Canada - links to information about political parties, voting, structure of the political system, immigration and citizenship

About Parliament - links to sections about the people, parliamentary process and the buildings  (version française)

How Canadians Govern Themselves  - an on-line version of the print publication  (version française)

Introduction to Canadian Government - from the Writing Den - reading comprehension and writing skills based on this topic

On-line tour of Parliament Hill  Its purpose is to "provide Internet travelers with an appreciation for the Parliament Buildings and an introduction to the institutions they house: the House of Commons, the Senate and the Library of Parliament."  (version française)

Government  from CanadaInfo: A Tribute to Canada - a collection of information and links about Canada, its land, government, people, and rich culture.

Government in Canada - a section of the "A Look at Canada" web site. Includes information about federal elections.  (version française)

Canada's Parliamentary Government - complete and detailed explanation of the Parliamentary system

Elections Canada - English and French - (The Youth site is targeted to teen voters and is not suitable for grade 5.)

First Among Equals - The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics    English and French

The [Ontario] Premier's Kids Zone   (version française)

Becoming Canadian: From Immigrant to Citizen  a site by the CBC

How to Become a Canadian Citizen - from Citizenship and Immigration Canada   (version française)

A Look at Canada - from Citizenship and Immigration Canada - This site includes information about the application for citizenship , what Canadian citizenship means and all the information needed to pass the citizenship test.    (version française)
Here are two on-line quizzes to test your knowledge of Canada.
Citizenship Test 1        Citizenship Test 2  
Here's a  Canadian Citizenship Practice Test (from the Richmond, B.C. Pubic Library)

Teachers!  Link to web quests on this topic.

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