Grade 8 History - Development of Western Canada

Activities are from the sample unit produced by the Ministry

Activity 1:  What Came Before
Chronology of Significant Events Constitution Act of 1791 To 1885

Travel Brochure
Explore Manitoba - A Visitor's Guide       English and French
Tourism in Saskatchewan
Discover Alberta!
Discover British Columbia!

Sea ExplorersCaptain James Cook     

Activity 2:  The North West Mounted Police
RCMP Main Page          (version franšaise)
RCMP Historical Highlights         (version franšaise)
Fort Steel: North-West Mounted Police Post
A Moment In Time: Fort Steele,  A Historical Metaphor

Activity 3:  The Aboriginal Peoples and the Metis
Riel House National Historic Site   History section and On-line Guided Tour  (version franšaise)
Batoche National Historic Site  History section and On-line Guided Tour  (version franšaise)
Metis bison hunters         (version franšaise)
The Northwest Resistance - includes a chronology and biographies of key participants
Gabriel Dumont - Riel's general and commander of the forces in the North West Resistance of 1885
Louis Riel - Martyr, hero or traitor? - a relatively balanced look at the issue
Riel, Dumont and the 1885 Rebellion - According to the author, "This account is full of carefully selected high interest facts which have been edited into the form of a story. Although it was researched in detail (and includes a biography and notes), this account remains as interesting and informative light entertainment."

Activity 4:  The Railroad - From Sea to Sea
Canadian National Railway Historic Photograph Collection This is a co-operative project between The National Museum of Science and Technology (Ottawa), Canadian National Railway and Industry Canada. It is intended to provide visitors to the site with an introduction to the significant role that railways have played in the development of Canadian society since the opening of Canada's first steam railway in 1836   English and French
Canadian Pacific Railway & Canadian Pacific Navigation
Lyrics to Canadian Railroad Trilogy by Gordon Lightfoot
A Chinese Canadian Story
Dates in Canadian Railway History

Activity 5:  Post-Confederation Immigration
Cremation of Sam McGee  - poem by Robert W. Service
Klondike Gold Rush - reading comprehension and writing skills based on this topic
Yukon Indians and the Gold Rush 
The Cariboo Gold Rush - from SchoolNet
The Cariboo Gold Rush - from the BC Archives Time Machine
Canada Hall Tour at the Museum of Civilization - post Confederation in the Canadian West   (version franšaise)
Chinese Immigration Policy - reading comprehension and writing skills based on this topic
Advertising for Immigrants to Western Canada, 1870-1930  This virtual exhibition from the Canadian Museum of Civilization is about the Canadian government's role in advertising free land in The Last Best West to farmers and farm workers in Britain, the United States and Europe.  (version franšaise)
The Peopling of Canada 1891- 1921 This tutorial from University of Calgary's Department of History examines the movement of people into Canada  and between regions during one of Canada's most important migration periods, 1891-1921. 
19th Century Settlement Patterns - Chapter 5 of the Canadian Heirloom Series
Pier 21 Between 1928-1971, at Pier 21 on the Halifax waterfront, 1.5 million immigrants first set foot on Canadian soil. 

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