Grade 8 History - Confederation

Activities are from the sample unit produced by the Ministry

Activity 2:  The Road to Confederation
Key Events
Chronology of Significant Events Constitution Act of 1791 To Confederation 
Influence of the American Civil War  (version franšaise)
Toward Confederation   (version franšaise)
Charlottetown Conference of 1864

People - Canadian Confederation   (version franšaise)

British North America 1867

Activity 3:  Everyday Life in British North America in the 1860's
Ontario Town Life         (version franšaise)
The Merchant's House         (version franšaise)
Cartoons and Caricatures         (version franšaise)
Fort Henry Adventure   "ATTENTION, Soldier!  It is the year 1867. You have just enlisted in the Fort Henry Guard. This will be your home for the next 10 years. I am Sergeant-Major Rock. You will be taking orders from me!"

Activity 4:  The Creation of Canada
Condition of the Canadian Confederation Today
Canadian Constitutional Documents
The British North America Act, 1867  from the "Canada in the Making" web site - background, explanation and original text  
The British North America Act, 1871
The British North America Act, 1886
Meech Lake Accord
Charlottetown Accord

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